How to communicate CSR

Posted on March 18, 2009


Corporate Social Responsibility. A big name nowadays, very popular inside companies. But how many people really know what that means? Do I?

Recently I joined the CSR team of my company, and first meeting we discussed about cleaning the office, recycling paper, saving energy and doing some volunteering projects… when I tried to explain bottom line, core business….blank faces. Back to the charity talks.


What do I think CSR really means then…How can you communicate it. I will give another try… CSR for me is as simply as make your Business be as successful and relevant as it can be. Meaning it is first of all profitable, it is relevant to the consumers, it is ethical and transparent, it looks into its community and how both can develop together in a sustainable and ecological way.

Still, for a lot of people, CSR means green and sometimes charity. Specially the greening thing, that’s on the spot now, but that should be just a routine behavior of everybody, unfortunately or whatever you wanna think, we do not have a choice anymore regarding the environment. I believe we should stop trying to make business telling… Look, we are green! Pay the price!… two reasons. First, being green means being more efficient and have less waste, therefore it is cheaper to be green. Secondly, and that should just be enough, being green is not an added value, it is a obligation and commitment of every single human being.

Here is a post I like about the subject, I like it specially because it comes from a very GREENING everything Industry (the Meetings and Events Industry) perspective but that in this case has been bringing up the real relevance of a core CSR business:

The guy who wrote it, Guy Bigwood, is the CSR Director for the HQ on the company I work, he had to come all the way over to Belgium to convince my Belgium colleagues about what means CSR. For that light-bringer meeting, I decided to put a post about how to communicate CSR, because, obviously, I could not. 

Few CSR team meetings later, I just realized that I did nothing on that sense yet… I’m still unable to communicate the idea. Why to put a business model on it? Why commit to the company and drive it to be a responsible business? Is it about Busines or about being nice? (…I’ll always wonder why people think business can’t be nice! )


In other words… a lot to be done yet. I’m trying to be better on posting my thoughts. I’ve written few drafts, but not published yet, try to change that. You’ll definetely hear more about CSR coming from me.

I just set up my personal goal to the end of the year…to have our CSR Business Model incorporated to the Company Business Model.