Company DNA

Posted on June 16, 2009


My mom talks business. The other day we talked about our jobs. I was wondering if I’m working in the right place, I do not agree with some visions and actions (or lack of them) and so on. Then my mom advised me, that’s the company’s DNA… you can’t change it!

That got me… maybe that’s it. We can not just change whats is in the company, specially if this one has been around so many years.

But earlier today, something else crossed my mind… what about genetic treatment and doping… thats why I do not like metaphors! You always find something to bring it down, that case was good though. It used to be very determinist to say we cannot change our DNA… well, we do! Not that easy, I suppose, but it is going on… just as curiosity, there a few documentaries about gene doping on youtube, quite interesting and scary also. This one is made Michigan State University:

Besides the genetic crazy stuff, the point is: it must be possible to change a company’s culture or company’s values. It is like corporate entrepreuneurship, takes one person challenging the DNA. If it is coherent, probabily new responses will be created, new flow of information and a different level of communication will start to be spread. If other people start to keep up the challenge and moving towards a different direction, voilá… it might take little time, but your DNA is changed.

Back to my favorite words… relevance and social responsibility. Change DNA of many companies will be necessary to spin the missions and values they have now, to overcome tough times, create opportunities and sustainability.

I guess anybody can be the doping agent into a company’s DNA (even though I hate the comparison, will stick to it as it’s already done now)  but I would say that the change need to be managed and long term planed, or you might just get your backbones teared into pieces at some point.


Well… not that much of an added value. But good for the record.

See ya’ll.



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