Talking Greek – How to get your message accross?

Posted on October 21, 2009


“Tá falando Grego pra mim!”

In good Portuguese we say your talking Greek when nobody understands you… well, that’s how I feel many times. Talk, talk talk…talk… no understanding.

Like that:

Real life example: as member of the CSR team of my company, I’ve been wasting my words to try to explain the concept, that it needs to be good for Society, but it needs to be good for the business as well…we need to be sustainable! That’s the best way to be relevant! CHARITY alone doesn’t make any better for anybody! (Do you get it?… hope so…)! Results of few months discussion… we’re doing a charity project in the end of the year, completely not using any competencies and any services of the comapany… I clearly didn’t succeed.

Question is, is it because I cannot make ideas as clear as they are to me, or is it because my ideas are just crap? In anyway it’s definitely easier to try to improve communication skills than have to learn to be smarter! I know a lot of people that went very far only talking!


Here goes some interesting things I found for business communication:

– There is a nice discussion on

Richard Lewis Institute does a lot on that field as well, specially in the Intercultural Communication, they just released a new tool


My next speech at my Toastmasters club will be about the difference between speaking and communication. As the first thing that comes to my mind is communication needs to be interactive (Richard Lewis Institute states, 90% of learning comes from interacting with people) go off the common public speaking patterns and brainstorm during my talk with my colleagues what’s to be a good communicator… all the time!

What about when this frustration with communication goes further, and you feel that in your personal life as well… ideas just don’t get through neither? Is it a credibility issue?

Some more funny communication issues:

May I ask for advise?