Stuff we should always remember for life

Posted on November 3, 2009


Yesterday I had a weird day, but it made me remember of few very important lessons we (I do at least) usually forget.

Day started with me letting the person I most want to talk in the world leave with a deal of not to speak to each other for a while, I know it sound very unreasonable… but reasons and discussions apart, you can imagine that the day didn’t start well, with many big questions on personal atmosphere hanging around.

During this discussion, 1st Thing to remember for life came to my mind, and kept coming back to me the whole day:

1. How much space small ideas take in your mind? Exactly the same space as big ideas! – I heard that from my Director few weeks ago and it’s much more in there that we like to think… where is the line between big and small ideas? Are Big ideas always better than small ideas? – For me, the point really is if you are focusing on the right ideas…

Obviously that point did not make a lot for our conversation earlier in the morning, as the decision was as I mentioned before.

Funny enough, first thing I saw when I got back to the office was this Hey Jude flow chart…


Why is Hey Jude one of the most famous songs in the world?

I don’t really know, but have you ever paid attention to the lyrics? It makes a lot of sense to life.

Was that for me or for her? For both, I’m sure.

Well, 2nd Thing to remember for life:

2. Don’t be afraid, take a sad song and make it better. Remember to let her into your heart (with different variations if you wish) – Take the risk is the first step to make a change. Living your passions is the only way to walk through life without regrets. Many times, it’s a matter of choice, take what it’s not so easy and turn it around, make it better. It’s hard to step into what scares us, what gets out of our comfort zone… specially because what carries much love, might carry a big disillusion – On the same line, I remembered another old saying again for the 3rd thing to remember for life:

3. The worse regret is the one of not having tried – Can’t remember who told me that first time, but I sure heard that many many times, and if we just stop to think, one of the most awful sensations is the one of “what if I’ve said/done/taken/had(…)”

This is a valuable entrepreneurial lesson I find as well; you gotta love it and you gotta go for it (You might want to put some structure on that though… =P ).

For my share of risk today, here goes a link to my trying to play the very beginning of Hey Jude (as don’t upload music for free I did a quick scan on my pictures and made a little pictures in motion, sorry Du and Rica for the picture… hehehe! And I know the Bon Jovi on the middle is really lost, but anyway):

I would go to YouTube and listen to the song… and listen what it tells you…

Hey Jude – Beatles

Well, before I left home, I saw a Gandhi’s famous quote in a report. It just came in time! It is a really good follow up for the things we must remember for life:

4. Be the Change you want to see in the World! – We need to start from somewhere no? Walk our talks. Are we being and doing the best we can everyday? I like this quote the best, it brings us back to what we really need to do…

Reflecting upon my day back home, and again on the first talk I had the day… her last words to me were actually, for me, the 5th thing we need to remember for life, just to reinforce number 4 in a daily basic check upon yourself:

5. Take care of yourself! –  If you don’t, at the end, who really will? We all hear and say it many times, do we realize the meaning it has? Many times I wish it was different for human kind… in the other hand, at the very end, it also leads to Social Responsibility no?

Well, I spent the rest of my night trying to learn how to play Hey Jude and wondering more about funny ways life takes… went late to bed, came late in for work today, but to find the final quote I was looking for at our HR office.

The 6th thing to remember for life is a lesson about relationships that brings all the other things to remember (as you notice, to remember if you want to live to make at least a bit of difference) into a legacy sort of result:

6. People will not remember you for what have you said or what have you done, but for how you have made them feel! – I know that are many points of discussion in there, but the way I see it is what you say and what you do also reflects in how people feel, here is how we relate to people at the end, about how we feel regarding each other.

Ok. Thoughts shared! And you might be asking, is this post for me, for you, or it is really just a sad song with a very specific address? And I guess you know well the answer! =)