ADDED VALUE starting from your recruitment process @Vivotrainees11

Posted on September 9, 2010



While I seek for new job opportunities, yesterday I was part of an event held by a big telecom player in Brazil, VIVO.


They invited all trainee candidates to attend a very high level event, showing the company, its values, its mission and above all, giving everybody there an experience of being with them.


I was very surprised by the high level of the speakers and the added value we have all received from the late night event.


The company motto is “Em rede agente pode mais”, what would be some thing like:

“On a network we can do more”

or something like: Connected, yes, we can! 🙂


What they did was to give us a full experience of how they really live that principle, in every single aspect of their business. Their brand is indeed considered one of the strongest on the Brazilian marketing, and we could see why they are so proud of it.


They gave us the opportunity to see some of the thinkers behind all that process and we all had the chance to watch 4 presenters.


First the communication director of the company, introducing us to the mission, values and some numbers. She was a former trainee and answered some of our questions (that you could either ask, either send a sms showing on the screens). 2nd came the en vogue TV broadcaster, from the international franchise CQC, Marcelo Tas. He is a great communicator and his work has been very important to the Brazilian news market, starting form his former tv program Vitrine. It was a pleasure to meet a personality from our country giving such an entertaining and informative speech on Social Media in Brazil.


After that we watched Mr. Augusto de Franco talking about Network theory. Very thought provoking and right on the spot, showing first how we mistake social network by digital tools, and secondly how our hierarchical society do not allow us to explore our full intelligence potential. Here is a website he recommended for more:

What Is Social Network Theory

I’ll definitely follow Augusto’s work and hopefully will have a chance to speak to him more on the subject. Network theory might be the mathematical solution I was looking for on the theory I work on about increasing the amount of power structures to have a more fair society.


Last, spoke Ricardo Guimarães, the founder of Thymus, a branding consultancy company so far unknown to me. They helped Vivo to build what they call the business essence, shape their culture around that and strengthen their brand as a strategy to manage their values. I will definitely send my CV on their way as well, their client portfolio and results are very impressive and without a doubt, they support companies to get closer to well done and consistent sustainability strategies.



Another thing got my attention throughout the event: their sustainability strategy is intrinsic to their core business! That’s the way to go! I am always very happy to see a culture change like that in big player… I do believe that enterprises going culturally responsible are the only way to operate a change in the world’s problems. Back to Vivo, Their values and mission reflects on the company culture, they all have a sense of purpose delivering their services and products.


They showed one of their projects. I believe this is real relevant: the company is just doing what they know how to do, supporting the development of their market.


It was a great experience, and the company made sure they added value for all of us, independently if we are to be engaged as trainee or not. Great example of walk the talk and bringing value in all aspects of business. Thank you and congratulations!