The grand kids rule!

Posted on December 26, 2010


It’s Christmas eve now, end of 2010. This year twisted my life upside down, and the closure of it could just bring me to some reflection.

I have a serious problem for someone trying to make a way on business: I’m a dreamer. Life for us is full of emotions, full of passion, full of things to change… but those ideas come with a great deal of demand together. They require tons of courage and a strong self confidence to face them and act upon.

I like to think  I am not taking greater actions because I’m on my learning process, hoping to not be lying to myself for now.

I have a very simple rule to decide if I’m  doing the right things and taking the right decisions:

What will I tell my grandkids?

People laugh about me when I say that, but it’s a great practical rule if you think about! If we can feel proud to tell our grandkids in the future about whatever we’re doing, that’s probably because it’s the right thing to do… at least it is what YOU would like to do!

Should we take opportunities or not? From deciding on going to a week holiday trip or stay resting home, to the decision to take a new job or not… ask: which story would I like to tell better my grandkids?


There are two strong arguments for why does that question works:

1- The first elementary question to plan your future is: “What kind of person I would like to be?”, rather than deciding your position, or how many things you will have (even if your objective is very material, you still have to be first the person who can manage to buy it.) When you think of what you want to tell to your little ones, you are answering this basic question, because it’s about who you are, and who you want to be.

2 – There are only 3 things that motivates people, I learned from a former director and mentor that I really admire. One of them (I’ll let aside the other 2 for future posts) is “ legacy”. You are motivated to do things that leaves your legacy behind, when you are sure that you’ve made a contribution to the world. And again, answering your grandkids, your just answering what will be your legacy for them and for the others.


I’m saying those things, cause 2010 was full of those moments, that I had to decide what I want to tell my grandkids, those moments that will define who I am and who I will be!

… and I must tell… I didn’t take the decisions I had to make, I didn’t have the courage to follow all my dreams… and I didn’t even used my rule or all my values all the times… but well, we gotta face our mistakes too, and make sure will do it better next time.

That 2011 makes us stronger, to put in action what brings us closer to reach our dreams, to reach who we want to be for our grandkids.


Happy holidays!



ps.: Two videos with grandpas! =)