Attitude…it must be towards people

Posted on June 9, 2011


Nothing better than a heart breaking day to make you wonder about relationships. Well… todays was one of those days for me.

Thinking about life in general during my ride back home, I thought it would be nice to share some finds from my recent experiences about attitude at work – no, I’m not gonna brag about my love life… : )

Working at a competitive consulting company now, I’m exposed to an environment that we are always expected to be pro-active, to have attitude. I’m often seen something I believe it is a mistake… people many times try to have attitude towards things, towards their products or results…

Why I think it is a mistake?

Just like in a love relationship, your attitude always impact someone else. When you are delivering a project or working on something, you are actually doing something that will benefit someone else. If you’re there to bring value, you must bring value to the people (from your team mates to your clients). The mistake is there, often you go over the relationships you might have in order to deliver results or materials without seeing the close connection those two things have.

Legacy is left behind just when you touch people for the better.

Why a broken heart made me bring all this up? In fact, I believe that being able to bring value to work, has a lot in common to have great relationship…

The single most important thing about outstanding professionals (and people too) are that they are passionate about what they do. You need to be honest about your passion and admit if you’re not’s all about being honest and live up for it.

Second, and less obvious… Attitude can’t be towards stuff for the simple reason I mentioned before, the final objective is always personal to someone else. It needs to be an honest attitude towards other ones. Honest relationships depend a lot on your intuition and how much you pay attention to the maintainance of it. Some stuff will be good, other ones will be bad but it takes a lot of humbleness and honest care to see that…

Here is the message…

When you see your environment asks you to have tons of attitude, turn it to the people around you, make your relationships stronger and your work more relevant to them. In that way, you’ll bring value just by being honest about how you want to affect people for the better.

Question to finish. How do you measure your personal success?

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