What about our personal beliefs when confronted?

Posted on August 24, 2011


When confronted today with a situation where I saw the possibility to not deliver the value I was expecting (and believe me, it was not that of a big deal)… I was very frustrated, for my own surprise. That made me think a bit about why was that so emotional to me.


Since I experienced the Up with People program (www.upwithpeople.org) few years ago, I was able to learn enough about myself and my life goals to phrase my ‘life mottos’ or something like my personal slogans. 3 things I try to carry on with my attitude and actions:

  • Leave a place better than you found it
  • A problem I’m aware of, is my problem too
  • Give the example

…. From small things to my job or to my relationships, those are the things I believe. They are all related to taking responsibility on making a difference, and that’s how I want to live my life!

Besides the last one, which I haven’t been that much of an example; with the other two I try hard to bring it up on my daily actions.


Today I got them confronted at some scale, and probably didn’t deal with it on the best way. Especially by being part of a generation who haven’t learned well to deal with losses, I wanted to put two related questions out:

  • How far should you keep arguing when your personal beliefs are confronted in a right vs right type of situation?
  • Where’s the point we have to admit we need to leave behind our proud and let it go for the greater good?