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Posted on February 11, 2012


I have noticed that people have fear of living and worse, they have fear of people. I question if life is uncomfortable because we are afraid or we are afraid because life is really dangerous?


Looking at it from a different angle, I asked a simple economic question: How many robbery attempts do we avoid closing out our car window at people on the street compared to how many more opportunities we create (for us and for the others) on trusting people at first?


If you have been robbed, you might disagree at first from and tell me: “that’s because you were not robbed or threatened by anyone!” But as unfair as it may sound at first, its also logic, that the chance of a bad things to happen is a lot smaller than a good thing. And bad things not necessarily mean the world is unfair and dangerous! What I mean is that it’s a controlled risk-taking to open the car window instead of closing it.


Once I learned from a great folk in a bank project; the compliance rule:

10% of the people will always do the wrong thing

20% of the people will always do the right thing

the other 70% will take the chances if they show up


That’s where we act! 70% of the people are conditioned by how we treat them… if you feel threatened…oh that’s a good opportunity to take advantage of, if you realize it…


Saying hello to the folk next to you, trying out what people offers you to eat, don’t be afraid of a beggar in the street at first… all those little things that seems so hard at our daily life are examples of how much we worry and stress about stuff without measuring how much we complicate our life and reduce opportunities to expand our horizons.


Life is a lot less tougher and a lot lighter than we like to think. If we believe world is bad, it’s our own fault… let’s be brave… or better! Let’s just not be afraid, specially of people… Life is there to be lived and every single human being will have some thing to add to your life… if you can think of someone that hasn’t thought you anything, you don’t know that person yet.

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