Help this folk to get rid of laziness in his life!

Posted on October 17, 2012


It does not matter how brilliant are the arguments and how meaningful the actions planed would be, they will all loose complete sense tomorrow morning when you are trying to wake up!

That’s exactly how it works for me! So good at renegotiating with myself when it comes to personal projects. Guess I’m not alone on that, but it has been really hard for me lately to fight back this tendency to the minimum effort. It is proportional to life stability, I figured, as more stabilized you are, more susceptible you are to laziness. Your comfort zones is just all around, all the time. Not good.

I am a 27 years old dreamer, feeling that I am getting every day a bit farther from actually doing something meaningful the world. So many ideas, so many projects… procrastinating… due to regular work tasks, lack of focus/performance while on personal projects, or even just really laziness on free Sunday afternoon or the last bit of the evening.

I decided then to put some serious thought on my behaviors and habits in order to be able to work around it to become a more active/efficient person managing and delivering my personal projects.

The first problem is, what are the right incentives for a habit change? – Here is important to make a pause for a consideration, maybe a good clue – I have absolute no problem to do the extra mile at work, can be very focused and productive, can work late, wake up earlier when needed – can be really in control of what I need to deliver and achieve the results. So why can’t I just do the same thing for the stuff I believe a lot more on? Well.. I have no freaking idea yet! …

Well, to make this post not that long, first thing on this journey is … to write this post… Not that there is a whole crowd of readers for this blog… but there is definitely the going public feeling. The feeling that people now can watch me out (if they want!) on my attempt to get rid of laziness… a little bit of pressure, basically!

Soon I let you know what are my personal projects, how does it look like a week schedule, how is my organization system set up, what are my thoughts on behaviors and habits, and how are my daily attempts to improve going.

Thanks for reading it (well, even if there’s nobody reading in fact, it just needed to be there to reinforce the going-public-feeling!) … in case, any advice at first?


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