Help this folk to get rid of laziness in his life! – Day 1

Posted on October 18, 2012


Well, first day on the get-rid-of-laziness quest didn’t start that well… missed alarm clock and woke up late for work!

Besides making my intent public, few things I believe I need to get serious about:

  1. Be serious on my personal organization system
  2. List/identify all the behaviors/habit patterns related to being lazy or procrastinating
  3. Keep on blogging to not lose the “public” pressure
  4. Re-frame all my personal projects and identify next doable actions
  5. Be clear that I will definitely need time also to hang out with my friends, to do nothing, to play video game, to date – Otherwise it won’t work at all… we’re no kind of robot yet. By that I guess I basically mean I cannot pack my whole day all the time, we all need some kind of flexibility too, to take the chances of having a friend over or to go to the cinema. I am sure I have failed before on trying to achieve too much on a single day just by when I got home, my roommates had a new tv show to watch and are having dinner together… by no chance I should be able to ignore it.

Working in consulting won’t let you with that much free time, but here is how a typical week looks like for me, with high chances of working extra hours on those free blocks.


Today as work had a few windows, I took the chance to empty my inbox and put some thought on my not so well organized personal organization system.

I am a big fan of GTD ( and have been trying to be a GTDer since long time. Many people think it’s too obvious, but I don’t think so. Segregate your tasks by the conditions/places you need to accomplish them is just a great insight in my opinion, as much as it is the clear mind concept – writing everything down REALLY do make you less worried. Besides, there are some other smaller project planning tactics for taking out much of unneeded formalization and bringing it to a much more practical perspective.

I keep my tasks list in MS Outlook, separating then by categories like Online, Offline, Calls, Errands, Client Site, Home, Waiting For, Agendas, etc. and link it to my HTC Android through a great app called TaskSync, that way I am able to have my categorized task on my phone too.

GTD lists itself aren’t enough for me, a really not disciplined person. I need a daily to do list to follow through, to prepare this lists, I (should) go a bit with the Pomodoro technique ( – allocating the times I imagine it would take me to accomplish it in 30 min partials.

I should then look through my calendar and tasks lists on a daily basis to plan my day tasks – I have tried many tec solutions, but ended up going back to paper for that. It’s a lot more flexible and nothing like crossing your paper out.

For all that to work, I should have a daily habit of actually doing this “to do” list, what I don’t do every day – I actually keep the same one for a few days most of the time. I also need to be really good at keeping track of ideas on a king of in-tray place, where I should look at periodically and take decisions on those ideas, move then to task, bookmark them or just throw away. What I do quite often – I keep paper notes on my backpack, plenty of plain paper, or use outlook tasks uncategorized to quickly write something down I’d like to think better later – the same for my mobile version of tasks – I just need to review then more often.

The last bit… weekly I should review all of it, including my projects lists and manage all of them and re-plan activities. This one I’m really bad at, so often my GTDish system gets off date and I don’t follow it that much anymore. This is critical, especially for my personal projects, that get off track quite easily.

This is was just a quick theory overview behind what I believe is an organization system that works for me.

I will put an effort next days to make it part of daily habit – I learned form a good friend in Brussels that in average, we need to repeat something without stopping for at least 21 days in a row, before it can actually become a habit. We have tried it at that time in the company, and believe me… it is not that easy as it sounds!

Here is how my to do looked like today – not too bad – still 2 points to finish!



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