Help this folk to get rid of laziness in his life! (Day 2)

Posted on October 19, 2012


Busy day at work, with whole morning meeting followed by many action items. All gone during the day – what’s great!


I am just about to leave now, and made a little effort to actually stay a bit longer and finish my last planned task for the day… keep on blogging and reflecting on how to become a more effective, let’s say, manager for my own personal projects.


If you are reading it, you should probably be asking for a while now.. but wtf*** are those personal projects you keep talking about!?


If I would list here all different ideas I would like to put in practice, you’d probably just be laughing really bad about it… but, with another great insight from David Allan and his GTD method (, I keep most of the craziest ideas and the ones I’m sure I’ll not do anything about it now in a so called Some Day/ Maybe list. I tell you… it’s just awesome to go through this list times to times… got surprised to myself every single time…


Here are the current projects I could say I am involved with and their partial status:


1. Opening a non-for-profit consulting company, aiming to help other NGOs and general social projects development

Status: I have two great partners, discussed the framework, met with our  first potential project and I have already talked to few people on volunteering. Since I left for holidays (in July!!!) I have barely touched the work – Probably I have lost my two partners by now, not believing someone that takes 2 months to develop a methodology framework is worth their time… yes. That’s the task I took for myself before we move on to actually getting to start the project…

2. Run an adventure race (50km! Run, cycling, swim, Kaike…) on 2nd december!!

Status: I should be training very hard… at least to not day during the event. But I haven’t managed to wake up a single day earlier last weeks to go running for 15 min or do some what-ever exercise to get my body used on moving again!

3. Website for helping people chose to rent or to buy

Status: Have started to model the problem and came up with market differentiators. But haven’t made an attempt to close the model at least in a excel spreadsheet. Have a great partner for that too, hopefully have not forget about it yet.

4. The greatest big bucks opportunity – Modeling a software for allocating waiters

Status: Have thought about the model, come up the logics…still missing to work harder on the programming to get it running. My partner in this one is already opening another business, hopefully he will have some time for that anytime soon… in case I manage to really put all that stuff to work, off course.


I guess that’s enough for now..!


My priority is the NGO, no doubt… old dream, so close to come true, with great people involved, just need to work faster I think to get it going…

…And the race… that’s more because age start to be felt… my body ain’t enjoying much my life style right now. I really feel like I need to get back to any kind of sport to be able to keep my health…


Right now I gonna go for dinner and enjoy the company of my girlfriend. But my task tomorrow is to do a big review on all my projects (personal and work) readjust my tasks lists and put some more thought on how to face my first weekend at home and actually produce something for my personal projects!




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