Help this folk to get rid of laziness in his life! (Days 3-6)

Posted on October 22, 2012


Friday, Saturday and Sunday were the typical example of days why I’m doing all this…

Friday I had another busy day at work, with few extra tasks showing up during the day that did not allow me to accomplish all I have planned, including on that the week review for my projects undergoing.

Just to start to list few habits I have…

…on Friday and Saturday, I have watched 3 movies while I was organizing my Netflix selections and showing it to some friends. Nothing bad to watch movies, but 2 in a row on a Friday night is just a bit too much _ If I see first 2 minutes _ I see the whole movie….

I could have easily finished my weekly review just by taking one of those two hours and focusing on something else, but could just not get started… I was damn tired, but could not fall asleep… when I feel like this (way too often lately), I usually just waste my time trying to rest, but end up going to bed too late and feeling even worse the next day. Very common I renegotiate with myself until I have no other chance to postpone…or, in many cases of projects for myself… util I forget them or until they are not relevant anymore…

Saturday night, before going out, I managed to put some work on cleaning my inbox and doing some of the finances to dos.

Today, though, I woke up eager to get back in track. Woke up earlier, finished work I left behind on Friday and prepared my morning tasks even before leave home. I took time in the morning to finish my project review and reorganize all my lists. Good to feel back in control of your activities. But also realized how much I wan to to accomplish – had to think well on the deadlines I was asking for projects (work and personal). Afternoon I started a task that I clearly made a mistake on the effort it would take me, and had to leave work to school without finishing my plan again.

With a little effort now after class, I got the blog post out and done a bit of what was left behind.

The effort I’m doing now isn’t too bad… I was just about to get in the same old routine of just renegotiating with myself. But by just remembering the day tomorrow and what I left today, it gave me enough motivation to at least do a little bit more. Having gotten back really on track of everything, didn’t gave me room for renegotiating actually… my work project isn’t in a critical moment so it would give me room, but with all the parallel tasks, not really. I would say – scored half point today.

Task for tomorrow is to start adding some of the personal projects on the daily to do list and run after it just as I do with regular work tasks. Let’s see. I have a very challenging day tomorrow just by itself if I didn’t have any extra tasks.



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