Help this folk to get rid of laziness in his life! (Days 7)

Posted on October 24, 2012


Ok. If it wasn’t the blog commitment, I must admit, I’d be just watching tv now…


Some conclusions today:

When I started, I thought that just by been more sever on my personal organization I’d quickly progress on my laziness habits. Indeed, those past few days that I’m keeping control really close of all my tasks, work and outside work (even if I haven’t really done much yet) made me fell much more confident I actually will get then done – eventually.

Two things though, came off to be more relevant and I haven’t quite put some thinking on them before.

1. Every time I miss calculate my effort at work and come home with unfinished stuff, or just because I really have too much, I ended up prioritizing it over anything else I could do home. The point is: Are they really priority right now? If I can improve my capacity to allocate time, won’t I actually plan a lot better my tasks over the days?

2. Without noticing I am already creating a new habit. Working on my desk at home. I usually drag my computer to bad, or just stay at the living room with my roommates. Since I decided to pay closer attention and get this quest (and this blog) going, I started to use my desk more often…it turned out to be a great helping hand on concentrating. When I am just about to procrastinate, I push a bit myself, put back my computer and sit on my desk, take back my to do list and get it going again.


My task for today was also get one of my personal projects back in track. I decided to give a look at the preparation for the adventure race and prepare my training routine… to start as off tomorrow.

To be honest, what i read on the internet about preparing for the race, made me doubt I could do it actually! 🙂 I can’t make 1h30 training everyday, swimming running and kayaking around! AND do long trainings on weekends!! But well..I’ll start slow, or I’ll die even before the first week is gone! Here is what I planned to start:


  • Monday to Saturday (morning routine – 6 times a week) –> Stretching series + some legs, arms and abs exercises (something like 20 – 30 min) _ i used to that for a short period of time, what makes me believe I can do that again!
  • 3  days a week (I’ll definitely need to be flexible here, and will have to see what times work best, morning or evening) – to get started!

Besides that, will get the bike back to life and look for a place to swim near by. – I also need to get proper running shoes (mine won’t resist too long) and a helmet.


Due date to start the morning routine: tomorrow!

Due date to start running: Let’s say Thursday… but you should see my doubtful face on that.


That’s it for today.

Tomorrow I need to pay closer attention to my daily working ‘to do’, to be more precise on allocating my tasks, and will try to fit in some time for finally getting back to the NGO work.


See ya!