Help this folk to get rid of laziness in his life! (Day 8)

Posted on October 25, 2012


I love my job…


… but I’m facing a part of the project that I don’t like at all! No value added, just redoing the same s***(stuff) over and over.

This morning, when I had to consolidate the same spreadsheet for the 100th time in 2 weeks… I wanted to throw my computer away and walk home…


I remembered what my friend Hanna (http://hannakuikk.acom/) used to tell me way back then when I asked her what to do against procrastination… focus on the outcome, she would say, to create the motivation you need. Breath a bit… visualize the outcome in your mind for a few minutes, and get back to do what you have to do!


The image of the client not annoying me anymore was strong enough… I got the spreadsheet done one more time, hoping to be the last! J


That little story to tell the importance of this piece of advice Hanna gave me once.


…And also to not start telling at first that I failed horribly to start my morning exercises routine. Couldn’t wake up a little earlier, actually, woke up late… so I just did a little piece of the training I imagined.


My tasks during the day were really well distributed, even having to re-plan some extra time for the spreadsheet in the morning. Got all I done before classes and left work with inbox zero yet. Not bad.


My night activities were postponed to early morning though. So, reviewing the NGO framework and blogging, because I decided to do some cooking and enjoy the evening instead of work… I guess its ok, as long as I got it done in time yet.


Morning exercises of day 9: check.


Tasks for today: Keep work tasks well measured + Continue working on NGO material + MAYBE start to run!