Day 10 … And I haven’t seen that much of an improvment!

Posted on October 26, 2012


Few conclusions for the end of friday:

One thing is a fact. Cannot deny the benefits of being more serious on my daily to dos and my personal organizaton – Had zero inbox almost the whole week and a great feeling of control. I was quite efficient at work anyways, so the improvment is much more for the morale than for performance at the end.


…But my personal projects tasks keep sliping over for the next day… Still needing to figure it out ways to incorporate them on my daily schedule. Not sure how I can manage that yet...any suggestions?


Interesting too, is to pay closer attention to habits and behaviours. As everybody says, first step to change something is to know it well…

I always procrastinate in the morning, when I’m trying to get organized for the day, reading emails, remebering all the stuff to do… At times, it takes me 30 min in between many things just to have the first to-do list ready.


Sleeping pattern is changed too. I used to not need a lot of sleep before, but nowadays, I really feel the sleeping hours missed. Maybe i’ll have to accept biology, and adapt to it. Cant go to bed late (i’m a night owl) and wake up even earlier to try to do other stuff… Not the whole week for sure… 4 or 5 hours sleep is not an option anymore.


Pushing yourself leads you to push even more of yourself. But before it becomes routine, whenever you stop, you’ll have all the resistance to start over again. This argument alone is already a good thing to keep in mind on those moments you’re negotiating to yourself… helped me few times already.


Well, today I’ve done my morning routine of exercices. Acomplished my whole to do list besides working on the NGO framework… (What I’m just about of doing before going out now!) – not too bad, not good.


For weekend, not much work planed, just studying a bit for game theory test on monday. Not that much time left neither, saturday have test in the morning, blood donation afternoon and a baloon ride Sunday! He he!


Enjoy weekend!

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