Day 9

Posted on October 26, 2012


Yesterday was the day to remember a very important thing in life, on my boss own words:

Damn! Stop complaining!

Remeber that spreadsheet I mentioned? It came back again,
with a stupid mistake i didnt see… It drove me mad, just when I was about to leave home, determined to go for my first running.

Negativity, complaints, they all drag you down…suck out your energy and motivation. Whatever the reason that lead to them, they are not worth it… For one very simple argument: they wont solve your problems.

Besides that, they are not real problems, a spreadsheet, for example, cannot be a big problem. If you are stressed about your regular office work… Dude, you really have to rethink your life. World is a lot bigger, and the value we add to it is usually tiny inside an office.

Cut back to the point, i failed miserably to start my trainning again, and have not finnished the NGO framework neither. Thats how daily work is still mining personal projects.

It will require a lot more dicipline and a lot more maturitty from my side to face this challenge.

Thanks for reading!