Day 13 – About urgency, anxiety and the time to go poo…

Posted on October 30, 2012


Had one of those bad days for someone wanting to be more disciplined and organized. Too many urgent things to do, not enough time for them: so, you have to choose and assume the risk of postponing or delaying some of them. (Today it happened only because I let it happen… I had crystal clear conscience of where I was going to end.. )

Urgency feeling is without a doubt THE main factor for motivation (in my case at least). I won’t do anything more precisely and concentrated than what I absolutely HAVE to do! That may explain the greatest part  of the time it takes me to accomplish my personal projects… they are not urgent. ( As my friend Chris would say… why not depend on them? That would definitely make them urgent…)

Problem starts when too many urgent things collapse at one short period of time. Then you get anxious for solving everything, and guess what… you can’t concentrate in any of them fully, cause you are just too worried about everything at the same time..

Two thoughs here… how to avoid it (and a bonus) and what to do when it just happens:

1. To avoid: Having a clear view of your tasks and projects on any kind of personal organization system, you are much more able to prevent desperation to happen by anticipating things and being able shuffle tasks back and forth from your planning. Knowing well deadlines and projects expectations you can anticipate critical dates and periods and plan accordingly. – This also brings a bonus – Thats the way I also believe I can actually get all my projects to move on. When the discipline on organizing my tasks/time/projects is sharp enough, I think they will be a natural evolution.

2. But sometime, craziness just happen, either because you allowed it or because circumstances made it. When it happens and you’re all over, bearing desperation… than… than is the time to go poo… lock your self on the toilet for a few minutes, and enjoy the wisdom of breathing deep (ok. it can be done before the poo… ) and have a quiet moment for reorganizing thoughts. – If you’re in that crazy rhythm there’s a big chance you didn’t go to the toilet… so it’s a good time to go… give a relief to your body AND to your mind. Take that precious time as a king/queen to set the priorities and strategies to go back and focus.

Can use some Game Theory (subject I had exam today) to make the point, instead of two players taking a decision simultaneously is like on person making a decision simultaneously on what to do _ but you are both players!!! :


No rational player would follow a dominated strategy. In the case, you can choose the best solution without having to bargain or anything like that! So, be rational.



Today, I did manage to end most of my tasks planned, but choose to take the chance on the exam. Luckily, there was a revision before the test. My teacher saved me.

Tomorrow have a busy day, good to test once more my accuracy on planning the day and combining different aspects. Hoping to not have to stop everything to go the toilet again.