Day 14, 15 … Days you dont want to talk much…

Posted on November 1, 2012


…because we don’t need to create proofs against ourselves.

(That’s how brazilian constitution works at least!)

Today I haven’t even done my to do list. Yesterday I did, but had too many extra things coming up at work to get even closer to accomplish all planned those two days… At least that spreadsheet, remember?… Was finally approved! – fireworks!

The sensations of failling and the fight against the giving up, I believe, are part of a solid successful jorney. We need to face them and get something out of it…

Besides that, it’s important to not loose track, even when too many things come up at once. That’s definitely part of the learning proccess too… Test flexibility and resilience… To not say dicipline.

I have been doing my morning routine, but havent managed to start running yet. Got my bike back, need to be fixed still, but soon it will be ready for no excuses anymore.

Not talking about the NGO framework neither, cause shamely I have nothing to say…

Tomorrow I have another busy day, will try to get some late work up to date, and maybe can do my weekly project review as well… Also e and hopefully during the long weekend ahead, I will try to carry on some stuff that are not moving so fast.

That’s it… On an attempt to keep positive!


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