Decision points!

Posted on November 6, 2012


No, I have not given up!

Had a difficult week last week struggling with motivation and too much work with a long weekend in between. Wasn’t that good at my tasks, or at my productivity, but got my bike working and did some consistent sport… let’s see if I keep it going.

Something else to discuss today:

The amount of things we are able to do can be measured by the factors that actually restricts your abilityof doing them. You can list many probably, but two of them are the ultimate causes:

1. Time

2. Productivity

The thing about them, you have a limit… we can’t make 24 hours a day turn into 25 or become a 100% efficient machine…


The learning I want to share with you is that, those restrictions force us to make decisions. We cannot do everything all the time. That’s hard…

Jack Welch said it in his book: “I had to make sacrifices to be where I am”.

Those are the decision points we all need to come through: what are our focus, what we love to do, what we want to achieve and what to do to get there…what we need to leave behind, what are the balances between family, friends, work, hobbies, healthy…

You might go over many strategies to make those decisions, but I believe that the only way of doing it consistently is to be sure of what is important to you… and this is not simple! We have a whole society expectation, some we put on ourselves and some that others put upon us… this pressure forces us to make decisions that are not ours, not the true decision you would like to take… and many times, we don’t even realize that, and just live with that pain point you can’t really express inside your chest.

Why I say that?… Take this recurrent example: If you have to make lots of personal sacrifices in order to grow a business, you might have two decisions:

– slow down and take more time to family, risking the business growth

– continue business speed, risking family harmony

You would have many different opinions when facing something like that, but what is the best solution? What makes you really happy? You would call someone a monster if he/she would decided for business instead of family… but is he/she wrong? Well… I say, I can’t tell you! I believe what comes from heart, is the correct thing to do! Either way!

It takes courage to deep reflect and admit to yourself first and others later what really matters for you, and make your decisions.

I might have a few tough ones to make soon… You might have yours too… that’s life! Let’s just not take the easiest answers as the best ones!