Some more about choices

Posted on November 7, 2012


Today on my way to school I heard a great random TED talk on my Android app (if you don’t know what TED is about, going find it out: – it’s worth it) about hapiness.

Our expectations are so high nowadyas with all the options we have, that we are always aiming for the best of them, and in fact, our level of satisfaction decreases because is much harder to decied.

That’s a great reason to explain why we postpone or take so long to make choices and decisions…

This ain’t trivial, neither easy to deal, because it goes straight on your self confidence. You need to be good at trusting your choice, even knowing it might exist better options!

To add up to that… My generation is trained to win, we can’t fail, it’s against our education to accept failure,it’s damn hard…we end up giving up before we fail… It’s not my talent, not my passion…

I recognise most of those aspects on my life too. I do need to learn how to make decisions quicker and with more confidence… How?

Thinking now about the subject, I would say that:

Motivation and satisfaction are proportional. This level of satisfaction increases towards you move in direction of achieving goals… Here is the keyword, I think: “you move”. Pace towards achieving your goal is what really increase your satisfaction on doing things.

Quick, assertive decision making and resilience to failure are the skills that will give you the pace to continue motivated.

Moving would be in practical terms, the best insentive to keep moving… Conclusion… Really well know already! Just do it!

When about to procrastinate, here is another thought to keep in mind, if I just start… I will end up finishing.



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