Quick note about leadership…

Posted on May 2, 2013


It ain’t a myth that better companies are made of better people. Better people are made of better environments … If you want/need to take the best out of your people, you need to make sure your leadership style is well fit for that culture you are dealing with.

Better environments will vary much place to place, team to team.

It’s up to the leader to identify how to increase the teams morale, but it’s also important to know that there are no secret formulas or winning tactics. It takes listening and caring to be able to fully understand the environment and the people.

Nothing better than a leader able to realize potentials. Nothing worse than egocentric-I-know-it-all kinds of.


If you’re a leader you should ask yourself: Do I make my team use their potentials? Or even more important than that … Do the people in my team want to realize their potential? Any answers different from a yes , you can be sure that results are not maximized.


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