Improving client/stakeholders interaction

Posted on August 29, 2015


What went wrong?

Few days ago I participated on an awful client meeting… so, important opportunity for reflection on how to properly handle our clients/ stakeholders interactions

Independent of the subject, the reasons behind the failure of our meeting were, on my evaluation:
  • Missed expectations
  • Lack of preparation
  • Team positioning vs. flexibility

What to do?

Even if I admire improvisation, those situation show that even for a good improvisation, you need some kind of preparation… stand up masters, toastmaster champions, they all have strong content and references to their work. Focus and previous thought on your client/meeting/context are key to allow a great interaction and eventual need to improvise.

Cheesy as it might sound, but value proposition must be discussed and aligned between parts. Expectations are key to any kind of relationships… setting the baseline is the most important thing if you wish to exceed expectations. When working int teams, the challenge is greater, because teams must be aligned too, even if individuals might not agree to the whole thing, they need to have the clear picture also. At any signal of missed expectations at any time, we need to act upon it immediately.

Even if most of those points weren’t my direct responsibilities at this meeting, I could (and should) have anticipated most of the issues and helped to prepare the meeting.

Aligning a strategy and positioning as group, might fall apart without proper preparation, or even with good preparation, we might have missed details and be surprised in one or another way. If it happens, the team must stick together on a positioning and have its flexibility boundaries aligned as well, in order to be able to stop conversation and positioning strongly against limit breaking.
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