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Improving client/stakeholders interaction

August 29, 2015


A bad client meeting is a good opportunity to think about how to improve our interactions.

Quick note about leadership…

May 2, 2013


It ain’t a myth that better companies are made of better people. Better people are made of better environments … If you want/need to take the best out of your people, you need to make sure your leadership style is well fit for that culture you are dealing with. Better environments will vary much place […]

Our role…

February 2, 2013


Just a small thought on an important thing, under valued, on my opinion, by our society. I would definitely say: If you do not add value through your actions (to whatever you do.. regarding family, work, life in general…etc…), man! You should really rethink life. If you do not feel your steps actually matter for […]

Decision points!

November 6, 2012


No, I have not given up! Had a difficult week last week struggling with motivation and too much work with a long weekend in between. Wasn’t that good at my tasks, or at my productivity, but got my bike working and did some consistent sport… let’s see if I keep it going. Something else to […]

Day 13 – About urgency, anxiety and the time to go poo…

October 30, 2012


Had one of those bad days for someone wanting to be more disciplined and organized. Too many urgent things to do, not enough time for them: so, you have to choose and assume the risk of postponing or delaying some of them. (Today it happened only because I let it happen… I had crystal clear […]

Day 9

October 26, 2012


Yesterday was the day to remember a very important thing in life, on my boss own words: Damn! Stop complaining! Remeber that spreadsheet I mentioned? It came back again, with a stupid mistake i didnt see… It drove me mad, just when I was about to leave home, determined to go for my first running. […]

Help this folk to get rid of laziness in his life! (Day 8)

October 25, 2012


I love my job…   … but I’m facing a part of the project that I don’t like at all! No value added, just redoing the same s***(stuff) over and over. This morning, when I had to consolidate the same spreadsheet for the 100th time in 2 weeks… I wanted to throw my computer away […]