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Help this folk to get rid of laziness in his life! (Days 7)

October 24, 2012


Ok. If it wasn’t the blog commitment, I must admit, I’d be just watching tv now…   Some conclusions today: When I started, I thought that just by been more sever on my personal organization I’d quickly progress on my laziness habits. Indeed, those past few days that I’m keeping control really close of all […]

Recipe for confusing times

July 6, 2010


Sometimes we are wiser than we thought of ourselves. Point for the emotional intelligence people praising to be optimistic to our own selves.   I just found on an old note pad the following recipe for confusing times; for those down picks we wonder about our decisions, where we are standing at the moment and […]

Thoughts on Engaging your audience…

June 30, 2010


Hello everybody,   I have just posted some of the things I do to engage audiences I am presenting to. On this case, specifically to high school students, but they can definitely be generalized to other audiences:     Check it out and leave your thoughts! How do you engage you your audience? […]

Social Media and the changes it brings to communication

June 15, 2010


@ SmartBrief Social Media featured article :   I think it is time to ask different questions about our Social Media tools. Twitter and other Social Media tools have made not just marketing and PR different, but all our way to communicate. Internet in general is a very important phenomena, as it eliminated the […]

People who make a difference!

February 19, 2010


It has been a long time without any posting… well this won’t be a proper post yet, but i can share another post published at the European Up with People blog about People who make a difference! There I am trying to encourage people to share their stories, never bad to know about more […]

Up with People Impact Communities

December 3, 2009


Just in the begning of this week we have released the Up with People Europe Blog. Up with People (UWP) is a Global Education Program, that for a 6 months period brings about 80 participants from all over the world travelling together getting involved and impacting different communities around the globe. I posted on UWP Europe blog this afternoon telling a little […]

The Barking Dog is just a kick away!

November 11, 2009


I heard that one the other day… as I don’t fancy comparisons too much… I leave this lesson up to you. (…) I am sure everybody agrees that dogs like Poodles, Chihuahuas, mini Pinschers,…  can all be classified on the same group of dogs… the barking dogs! We cannot deny they make their presence, they […]