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Once in a while… I try it again!

July 1, 2015


Finding ways to become a more productive person

Our role…

February 2, 2013


Just a small thought on an important thing, under valued, on my opinion, by our society. I would definitely say: If you do not add value through your actions (to whatever you do.. regarding family, work, life in general…etc…), man! You should really rethink life. If you do not feel your steps actually matter for […]

Finally some news! Gave up? … Failed?

January 30, 2013


1. Not really… and 2. Yes, badly… but hopefully, just so far.   Changing behaviors isn’t that easy. It’s a bit more than wanting to change. It requires a lot of focus and concentration. Once you missed it for a bit, it’s way too easy get back to the oldies…   A behavior is not […]

Some more about choices

November 7, 2012


Today on my way to school I heard a great random TED talk on my Android app (if you don’t know what TED is about, going find it out: – it’s worth it) about hapiness. Our expectations are so high nowadyas with all the options we have, that we are always aiming for the […]

Decision points!

November 6, 2012


No, I have not given up! Had a difficult week last week struggling with motivation and too much work with a long weekend in between. Wasn’t that good at my tasks, or at my productivity, but got my bike working and did some consistent sport… let’s see if I keep it going. Something else to […]

Day 14, 15 … Days you dont want to talk much…

November 1, 2012


…because we don’t need to create proofs against ourselves. (That’s how brazilian constitution works at least!) Today I haven’t even done my to do list. Yesterday I did, but had too many extra things coming up at work to get even closer to accomplish all planned those two days… At least that spreadsheet, remember?… Was […]

Day 13 – About urgency, anxiety and the time to go poo…

October 30, 2012


Had one of those bad days for someone wanting to be more disciplined and organized. Too many urgent things to do, not enough time for them: so, you have to choose and assume the risk of postponing or delaying some of them. (Today it happened only because I let it happen… I had crystal clear […]