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Financial benefits and sustainability–Why going this way?

March 23, 2012


It’s about time to start creating relevant content here.   The propose of this blog is to share, with whoever is interested in, what I find out on my (somehow utopic) search of ways to contribute to the world.   Part of what I’m doing now is to study how to make companies more profitable […]

ADDED VALUE starting from your recruitment process @Vivotrainees11

September 9, 2010


While I seek for new job opportunities, yesterday I was part of an event held by a big telecom player in Brazil, VIVO.   They invited all trainee candidates to attend a very high level event, showing the company, its values, its mission and above all, giving everybody there an experience of being with them. […]

Company DNA

June 16, 2009


My mom talks business. The other day we talked about our jobs. I was wondering if I’m working in the right place, I do not agree with some visions and actions (or lack of them) and so on. Then my mom advised me, that’s the company’s DNA… you can’t change it! That got me… maybe […]

Crisis = Opportunity – Driving to an Ethical Society

April 1, 2009


I had the opportunity to participate on the Belgium MPI chapter meeting early February this year. The topic was Crisis = Opportunities. 3 Speakers talked about different aspects of the crisis. I’m not a economist or a sociologist, but I also do have my theories about financial and economical crisis. As most of the business thrives to adapt […]