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Some more about choices

November 7, 2012


Today on my way to school I heard a great random TED talk on my Android app (if you don’t know what TED is about, going find it out: – it’s worth it) about hapiness. Our expectations are so high nowadyas with all the options we have, that we are always aiming for the […]

Day 9

October 26, 2012


Yesterday was the day to remember a very important thing in life, on my boss own words: Damn! Stop complaining! Remeber that spreadsheet I mentioned? It came back again, with a stupid mistake i didnt see… It drove me mad, just when I was about to leave home, determined to go for my first running. […]

Help this folk to get rid of laziness in his life! (Day 8)

October 25, 2012


I love my job…   … but I’m facing a part of the project that I don’t like at all! No value added, just redoing the same s***(stuff) over and over. This morning, when I had to consolidate the same spreadsheet for the 100th time in 2 weeks… I wanted to throw my computer away […]

Help this folk to get rid of laziness in his life! (Days 3-6)

October 22, 2012


Friday, Saturday and Sunday were the typical example of days why I’m doing all this… Friday I had another busy day at work, with few extra tasks showing up during the day that did not allow me to accomplish all I have planned, including on that the week review for my projects undergoing. Just to […]

About Fish Sizes and Egos

June 20, 2009


There are big fishes, medium fishes and small fishes. Not sure if the medium fishes are just to make the small fish not feel so bad though. As a young professional, quite critic and why not say a lot arrogant as well, I learned something about egos, pride and about hierarch this week. I am […]