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Why companies do better to the world than associations? ..and why it should be the opposite…

August 30, 2010


As I have promised, I am starting to post about my findings on the Association Management Industry. Now that I am changing jobs and industry, I better get this out soon, or I will probably never do it!   I will start with my favorite subject, Corporate Social Responsibility!   One of the main reasons […]

About Fish Sizes and Egos

June 20, 2009


There are big fishes, medium fishes and small fishes. Not sure if the medium fishes are just to make the small fish not feel so bad though. As a young professional, quite critic and why not say a lot arrogant as well, I learned something about egos, pride and about hierarch this week. I am […]

How to communicate CSR

March 18, 2009


Corporate Social Responsibility. A big name nowadays, very popular inside companies. But how many people really know what that means? Do I? Recently I joined the CSR team of my company, and first meeting we discussed about cleaning the office, recycling paper, saving energy and doing some volunteering projects… when I tried to explain bottom […]